About Greater Than Ministries

You can probably imagine how difficult it was for me to leave my ministry work behind when we moved to Texas. I poured the last 15 years of my life into God's people in Mobile, Alabama. But, God made it clear to me that my first job here was to support my husband as Head of our Household and help our three daughters adjust to our new life. Within a few months, the boxes were unpacked and we were as settled physically as we could be. God gently began guiding me to "get it together."

He made the name Greater Than Ministries clear to me and I was in awe of His Goodness when my web-site designer said the domain name was available. It's been one step at a time. A path of obedience to God's instructions is not always a 5-minute mile. It's hard to relinquish all the control to Him, but He is in control of Greater Than Ministries. My hopes are to spread His Word to all genders and all ages through speaking engagements, refreshing and encouraging all with His Word. There is not an area of Ministry I have not enjoyed in my past 15 years of serving Him. How can I enrich your love for Him? We honor Him when we love each other, but we can't do that fully until we love Him first. Though I left behind my beloved GEM's ministry and many other venues, there is more, it is GREATER THAN I can imagine. Come on, come with me on this exciting ride on God's Kingdom on Earth!