Bible Studies

"What Are You Waiting For?"

A new 6-week study that I will soon be releasing. 
I was in one of my favorite paper stores the other day seeking the perfect birthday card for my older—yes older—sister. My eye kept catching a display of large square magnets with catchy phrases on them. One in particular would not stop calling out to me. It read, “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?” I don’t know was all I could think. Such a usual answer to life’s questions. What am I waiting for? The perfect moment, the perfect timing, I really don’t know. I purchased that magnet and put it on my refrigerator where I see it everyday. It was not an impulse buy, but a provoking thought. I’ll never be educated enough, my house will never be clean or organized enough. I will never feel prepared enough to dive into what God has for me. So, what am I waiting for? This is it, this is what’s God waiting for, a fun real-life, biblical study into what God has waiting for all of us. SO—