Format for GEM's

Explaining GEM's to Your Group

GEMʼs is not about Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist........itʼs not just one religion. It is one Jesus. Jesus is our common bond. We teach GEMʼs because we love Jesus and we are called to share the truth with you. We are not teaching from our own opinion or feeling, but from the Word. What is the Word? (show bible) You girls can share the bond of school, team sports, ballroom, but the bond of Jesus Christ is the strongest thing you can share.

At‐Home Girl’s Ministry

The at‐home ministry works well for younger girls who don’t have an incredible amount of after‐school activities. We chose initially to meet after school on the first Wednesday of every month at one of the leader’s homes. It worked very well. We began our lesson at 3:00 p.m. and ended by 4:30 p.m. This gave us a good amount of time to share as a group and enjoy the fellowship Christ provides when we gather in His name. The format looked something like this:
  1. Group Leaders pray together before we even start!
  2. Age-appropriate Ice-Breaker for group, they love to talk.
  3. Lesson and Application for their age
  4. Prayer Requests and Close in Prayer
  5. Snack

In-School Ministry—typically during Lunch

An on‐campus ministry is such a plus. Though lunchtime is short, it allows for more girls from each grade to attend. I suggest keeping it to one particular grade at a time as we have done. We began this format in 7th grade. God stretches the time, it is amazing. We were so worried when we went from after school to lunchtime, but I remember looking at the clock and God let the time stand still. I was able to verbalize the entire message He had for us that day and even had time left over. God is in control of the time. A typical lunch meeting looks like this. We had about 20 minutes by the time the girls came in and sat down with their lunch.

  1. Opening Prayer – led by a GEM
  2. Lesson – GEM Leader (15 minutes max)
  3. GEM testimony from previous months lesson (2minutes)
  4. Closing Prayer – led by a GEM

Please contact me for further details on the format for GEM’s meetings.