Teaching Topics

As a mother, you are probably in tune with the issues these girls are facing. Address the topic, use God’s Word—what does He say about it? Use personal stories and apply the Bible to it. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Here are just a few of the issues I have addressed over the years. I’ve included a few samples, but you will need to personalize any resourced lesson you use to fit the needs of the group you are ministering to.

Sample Topics—for girls ministry

  • Who does God say I am?

  • Why should I honor my parents?

  • Let Sisterly love continue

  • What does “Saved” or “Born Again” mean? Read Sample »

  • What has Jesus saved you FROM or FOR this week? Read Sample »

  • Life and Death is in the power of our tongue: How what we say can affect others. Read Sample »

  • How do I show love for God and others even when I don’t feel like it? Read Sample »

  • Living for Christ Now (even at this young age!) Read Sample »

  • Am I going to Heaven? What is Heaven like?  Click on Heaven is for Real