How do I show love for God and others even when I don’t feel like it?

I am going to read from the Word the Truth to you today that God wants you to hear.
Matthew 22:37-39

Girls, before you can really really love the the way Jesus wants you to, you have to love the Lord Your God first. - Do any of you remember my story - how could I love anything before my husband or my precious girls??? My lack of a “real love” for God. I knew I was suupposed to love him first --had been taught that my whole life, but it was like a robot love --no real feeling. It was a stumbling block for me - I knew I had to get to the bottom of it because I knew He had a plan for me and a purpose - this is part of my purpose, being here with you - this is part of my testimony----And one day it was there, this wonderful exchange, me for Him. By giving and offering my love I had this incredible, overwhelming love for the Lord that had not been there before. I gave me and got Him. And He is the love of my life!!!

So - part I is done...
On to part II...

Because of this love, I can love freely - I can love people I donʼt really like - Ha!! How about that? If thatʼs not a heavenly mystery I donʼt know what is.

Be my prayer partner this month and Iʼll be yours --letʼs pray this month for God to soften your heart and mine to someone you donʼt love. You may be holding resentment toward someone, a friend, mom, teacher or an acquaintance. Ask God to change your heart.

If time - talk about how much I love them!!!!! Not bc they are in school with my own children but bc God gives me an overwhelming love for them. This is fellowship!!!!!

Girls, just being nice and good mannered does not show love. The heart shows love.

One way you can show love to the Lord is by glorifying Him with your talents. Just some of the talents I know are in this room are, singing, tennis, dance, ballet, volleyball, bball, playing a musical instrument. When you are using your talent - donʼt do it for the cute boy or to show off to the school or teammates. Do it for God. Show Him what u have got, thank Him for it. Perform for Him, an audience of One.

Answer me - in your mind - are you devoted to God or yourself? Do you spend more time thinking about mememe????? The things you want to buy, clothes, all the stuff?

Jesus hides things in scripture and I love it when He makes something crystal clear to me.
Read John 19:6-7

His material garments were left in the tomb. He didnʼt take His favorite pair of Chacos or His designer sunglasses bc you know that Middle Eastern sun is pretty bright. He only took Himself.

Girls, Love the Lord with YOU and WHO He made you to BE -Exactly as YOU ARE, without all the stuff. Your personal bag of vanity items will not be in heaven waiting for you.

Close in Prayer

Love the Lord with everything

Love one another

Show Him your talents - He gave them to you anyway

Love how He made you!