Living for Christ Now (even at this young age!)

Have you ever wondered if someone loved you enough to save you from a
bad situation or even from death?
When I was young, I lived on the river and spent most of my summer at the
beach so I was always wondering what if I had to tackle a shark or an
alligator? Would my sidekick brother save me? We were always together
and I would always ask him what he would do if something came after me.
He assured me that he would always do his best to save me and keep me
alive even if that meant he got eaten by the shark or the alligator.
Girls, someone already loves you that much and did give His life for you, a
long time ago. And His name is...........
I think one of the hardest jobs God has is to save us from ourselves and the
person who we are TRYING to be, not who we really are in here (insides.)
You can be the class who makes a difference - we all know that we hear
“this class is a bad class or this class is a good class.“ Why can’t we be
the class who LIVES for CHRIST?
You are the class where GEM’s began, after all!!! Let me give you a fast
fact........did you know that there are 10 GEM’s classes in Mobile which
mulitiplied by an average of 40 girls per class =’s how many GEM’s? 400
every month!!!! And if each of the 400 GEMs tells 2 people some of the
truths they learn about Jesus Christ, that means 800 people are affected by
GEM’s? Do you see how God works? He loves math, especially
addition...... He needs you to work for Him!
You CAN be the class who makes a difference. You can be the girls who
get out of their own way, girls who get outside of trying to be the most
popular, the prettiest, the whatever and start really living for Christ.
I bet in this classroom there are girls you haven’t talked to since 2nd grade.
Is that a true statement? I challenge you to befriend, to speak, to share
Christ’s love by being kind with words, with friendship to someone out of
your “group.” Can you do that?
School is for a time, and when you get out of high school, high school is
over!! Whoever is “all that”, whoever you hold in the highest esteem, the
cutest boy, the cutest girl, it’s over, sorry, beauty is fleeting. That cute boy
probably won’t have any hair once he gets into his 20’s. The girl who was
so pretty isn’t so pretty anymore. There will be another cute boy and
another pretty girl.
I don’t want you to look back and say, “why wasn’t I friends with her?” OR
“I really need to apologize for the way I treated her!”
Start now ladies and save yourself some misery and embarrassment. Start
changing the world you may now be forming in what is important to
As a christian, a believer in Christ, you have much responsibility. Each of
you is a daughter of the King, His Pretty Pretty Princess. You should be
living a life that sends a clear, distinct message to others about who you are
in Christ. There should be NO gray you know what I mean by
that? Don’t give anyone room to think you are not a Christian. Real
christians are mindful of what they say, how they act, what they read, what
movies they see and TV shows they watch. Keep yourselves PURE so that
Christ can use you to send his message. He needs carriers.
One last thing- finding your self worth in boys at this age is useless. They
are not capable of meeting your needs right now. And remember that
anything you tell them or do with them will be tomorrow’s news around
school and to their friends. They will not keep your secrets.
We all want the princess story - God has yours planned out, you do not have
to go looking for it, He will bring it to you. I promise!!!