What has Jesus saved you from or for this week?

If question. Tell me something about yourself, but sentence must begin with the word “If.”

What has Jesus saved you from or for this week?

We live in such a ME - Itʼs all about ME world. Letʼs begin everything with grateful hearts, your parents will notice, your friends will notice and most importantly God will notice.

Define Prayer - a form of thanks. Communication.

Praise & Worship as a form of prayer. Name some good p&w artists, music. God does care about what we listen to and what we sing. I am even going to suggest leaving your radio on a christian channel in your room while you are in school. Satan cannot be in the presence of the Lord in such a way.

Ways to praise Him in worship - open up Book of Psalms and use His Word.

Discuss repercussions or situations where there is no communication or a communication breakdown.

Quarrels, break ups, divorces

Dialing up Jesus wonʼt incur a roaming charge or purchase of more minutes. It is the most important relationship you have, also free, just the cost of your time which is precious to you.

Give me examples of Jesus attributes
(fruits of spirit Gal 5:22 - joy, peace, love, kindness, gentleness, patience, self control, mercy, long suffering.)

Pray for these to be developed in you or a situation you are dealing with.

What is important to you? Ask girls to name their talent or something about themselves that is important to them? Can you trust Him with a burden?

Lay it at the cross and donʼt pick it back up.

Can you lay it down for Jesus to work on it? Can you hand your talent over to Him and trust Him to make it better ---or do you think you are the one who can
administer it best?

Story of how he told me to stop teaching, I did and Chad called me to minister to Girls Youth which was such a better fit!!!!

It was so hard for me to let go. I was afraid I was going to let down our church leaders, not to mention all the women who had been coming to our study. I had to risk it all. I was obedient and God worked it for my good!

Situations in which we can pray on the spot - use a fruit of the spirit or .....
instead of spreading the bad news, intervene as an intercessor.

forms of bullying - name some
a Wreck
crying friend
2 persons fighting
homeless person
sick people
person in hospital
boyfriend situation

When you pray for someone (itʼs great to pray with them if you can!) you are bringing them into the presence of our Living God. You are doing Kingdom on Earth work!!!!! Be bold. God will give you the words to say. You will be so surprised at the way you receive in the situation.