Tips for GEM's Leaders


GEMs= Girlʼs Enrichment Ministry

Itʼs an “extra” to what they are already learning and receiving.

Hebrews 13:1 - Let Sisterly Love Continue
Itʼs our ministry verse. All GEMʼs should know it!!!

Pass it On
We had a theme song and loved it!

Always a great way to start a meeting especially in the beginning of the year to help everyone feel comfortable.

Choose 4 Godly women as leaders. Dontʼs ask your best friends. Ask Godʼs help.
Each woman will have a spiritual gift to bring to leadership.

Have a plan. You probably have a good feel for the class and the needs of the girls.
Ask God to reveal to you what you should teach.

Meetings should be once a month and use a set schedule, like the first Wednesday of every month. A GEMʼs meeting (if not held during lunchtime) should last approximately 1 1/2 hours. Drop off after carpool, pick up at 4:30. Full attendance generally arrives by 3:00 pm. Give them snack/water outside and have them fill out prayer requests in a box they make and let the box travel to each monthly meeting. Officially begin GEMʼs meeting by 3:15. GEMʼs love to talk and share and write on EXPO boards AND put on skits. Keep it simple with a basic theme of scripture if you can. You wonʼt believe how many GEMʼs can fit on a sofa, they also love to sit at your feet and get as close to you as they can. They FEEL Godʼs love coming from you. Make sure you hug each girl and tell them how precious they are. The rewards of that are EVERLASTING!

Each GEM Leader hosts and teaches 2x/year. Sept through April meetings. A leader teaches at her own home and provides a simple snack. Remember, this is not an elaborate party.(we began with bottle waters and individual pretzel bags, we sometimes do special snacks depending on what is going on) God designed it to be low stress!!
We have found that when we stick to His original plan, it works!

As this is my 5th year of GEMʼs, God has opened our eyes to these things:

Continue to pray together as leaders. We set up a monthly lunch date for leaders discussing GEMʼs business first, sharing their prayer requests and pass their prayer cards out evenly for additional prayer time and then continued with our personal fellowship. Allow yourselves an hour and a half for good discussion and fellowship and ofcourse, lunch. If that month was your month to teach, you were then also the one to arrange the lunch. When praying for the class, call out each individual name (include the boys!).

As we have now moved on to lunchtime GEMʼs, our time is very short - only 30 minutes. After GEMʼs, we use a vacant room in the middle school building to have at least a 30 minute prayer time for our grades (I teach 2) and then we have lunch following that prayer time at a nearby restaurant.

This meeting and lunch business may sound like a lot, but it is not. It is good, quality time with an eternal purpose. Months into it, you will crave this time with your fellow leaders. You will also fall in love with these girls like never before. It is important to note that if your daughter has a particular problem with anyone in the class or you with another mother, pray a protective covering over those relationships as you teach. God will allow you to love and treat everyone the same no matter what the current circumstances are.

Unfortunately, where Jesus is, people will be offended. You may have peers who make fun of the ministry, etc. Donʼt take offense, it alarmed me at first, but it is just the enemy. Build each other up.

I have included several pieces I have done. We began with a letter and moved to postcards that I print at home. An office assistant may be willing to run labels for your grade. The first two years, we even got together at the end of the year and hand wrote notes (had exact same wording for each girl) and sent them to each girl who attended. Divide up duties with mailings as it does take some time and expense. Feel free to copy anything I have done and I am happy to lay out or design for you.
End of Year
As our girls have gotten older, we have had end of the year parties. This past May we had a very special time when our 7th graders had an ice cream social in the Fellowship Hall of our church. We played Praise and Worship music through the sound system and then let the girls give personal testimonies if they wished. Motherʼs were also invited. There were tears and laughter. It was invaluable to see the fruit GEMʼs has borne and to know the motherʼs saw it too was priceless.

Our younger GEMʼs have enjoyed pool parties and jumpies. These types of parties are up to each group.

In closing,
Know that you are doing His Kingdom work. You will be blessed. I am always happy to help in any way. I love to teach and share. Please contact me anytime.

MiMi Patrick