Girl's Ministry (GEM's)

GEM’s—Girl’s Enrichment Ministry—A Ministry for grades 5 and up

Let Sisterly Love Continue – Hebrews 13:1

Have you introduced your daughter, her friends or her classmates to the Living Jesus? What do I mean by the Living Jesus? Jesus, the One and Only, Living Savior. Too often our young people don’t see Him as tangible. He is just a story, something only talked about in church or Sunday School. I’ve had the privilege of sharing Him with hundreds of middle-school and high-school young ladies, in and out of the classroom. Today’s culture promotes wordly views rather than Kingdom Living. GEM’s shares that Kingdom Living, living for Jesus, is not outdated, it has no end. Living for Jesus has eternal rewards and blessings for our girls. Watch this inspirational video I made with my daughter when she was in middle school. We use it as a teaching tool for new leaders and for our GEM’s so they can see the reality of their participation.

*Music in video Copyright Chris Tomlin

As you continue to minister, heart’s are eventually cultivated to serve by the inner working of the Holy Spirit. We developed a partnership with a local agency and our high school girls served monthly through interactive clinics with the children the agency served like Ballet classes, Art class and Homework Buddy.

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