Homeless Ministry

I am very passionate about this area of ministry. This area of speaking/guiding/teaching requires a lot of love. Jesus showed us the immeasurable amount of love He has for His people. The group I led for 2 years could change weekly. Homelessness has no regular calendar. Below is the philosophy I use for shepherding this flock.

“Delve into the Resurrection and Ascension and find their meaning for you. I have spent a lot of time with God approaching the empty tomb and it is what it is ........Empty. He conquered the grave. In Resurrection He conquered death and all that means. We can conquer our own personal death and darkness which is humanized in the form of many things like depression, alcohol and drug addiction, being offended, traumas, unforgiveness, jealousies. Through His ascension we can rise above that darkness into Light and experience the true freedom that His love brings with Him and the true joy of what a Real Life Christian should be. Don’t miss out. His love is so abundant there is enough for everyone.”