The Father/Daughter Relationship

We need our Dad's. When Dad is home, it gives Mom a break. Dad's, be there, be PRESENT, not just in body, but emotionally too. It warms our hearts to all you Dad's out there.

Click the Play Arrow below to hear MiMi speaking at a recent Father/Daughter event:

"Live outrageously for God. Go above what your friends are doing---every answer you need is in God's Word. My kids know what TV shows and movies they can see--they use Deut. 18:10 It doesnt embarrass them at all. They stand strong on God's word. It is much easier, to go with the "everyone else is doing it, watching it mentality. But does that bless God? God's Word does not change. Humans change it to fit into their lifestyle. Don't side step spiritual unity in your family. Your child may think you are off your rocker as you step into unchartered territory as the spiritual leader of your home, but it will change her life.

Protect God's destiny for her. It could change her high school years, her college years and even her 20's. Assure her that one day, yes that one day God has ordained, she will meet the man of her dreams and she will know it. That's a big worry for every daughter and grand-daughter out there! There's nothing you wouldn't do for her. She may need you to rescue her with the Father's love.

My dad was my hero.

My father traveled a lot. When daddy came home from work at night, we were so excited. I remember feeling like a big party was about to take place. When we heard his tires hit the gravel driveway we jumped to greet him at the door, mom too. And you bet if it was still daylight, we were going out on the boat skiing, knee-boarding, jumping on the trampoline, you name it. When daddy came home, he smelled so good. I don't know what it is about a man and a suit. You just look so good and you smell so good!!! My dad played with us so much that sometimes we had to ask him to stop. The thing I remember most, is that when he was with us, he was 100% present in every sense.

What happens when you come home?