Women’s Conferences

This is truly a labor of love. Your group’s conference must cater to the needs of your women. There are many ways to do this depending on your budget. Our group decided to use the particular teaching lesson and developed a conference around that.

You need several months to market and plan your conference. I can help you organize your group and get your gears in motion for design and content. I can also speak at your next Women’s event.

During our time at Ashland Place, Mimi you stood out in so many ways. Your gentle spirit was always so encouraging and loving to me that it is hard to even find words. But your work through and within the church was so much more than that. Your countenance was gentle but your words and actions of your faith were bold. With that boldness came a quiet and strong leader, able to shepherd others to be bold in their own faith walk. Teaching and leading came so natural for you and I was blessed to be under your leadership on multiple occasions. Most vivid is my memory of the women's conference.

You were the sole seed-planter for an event that brought women spiritually and physically to their knees. Not only were you the catalyst for such an awakening but you were also able to gain and utilize the support of countless women, from the church and the community, to make it happen. I can say with confidence that Ashland Place UMC has not seen a gathering of such meaning and magnitude since that time. God moved mightily in the lives of all of the women, young and not so young, who were in attendance and you brought them into his presence.

I am thankful for your willingness to follow God's call...that your ears are open, ready to hear what God is calling you to do....that your heart is available to receive God's word and call....I am thankful for you. Your faithfulness and fullness in God fueled my own faithfulness and shepherded me to a more confident walk and I will always be grateful for that.

Rev. Brennan & Patti Peacock

Ashland Place United Methodist Church
Mobile, Alabama