Women’s Lenten Reality Series

God is always current, He’s never out of style. He gave me the idea to have a Reality Series at our church using talent from our congregation. We selected 4 women for the cast and each one accepted the invitation. Each woman had her own unique story and shared it on one of the 4 consecutive Tuesday nights during Lent. Many other women volunteered in various capacities to make the event a success. A great idea from God led to an incredible bonding experience for the women of our church. If you’d like to know more about how to organize something like this for your group or church, please contact me.

I began to hand control over to Him

when things were out of my control...

Below is an excerpt from the testimony I shared.

Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever. Hebrews 13:8

So when I went back to find Him, I was pretty surprised by what I found. I think I may have been either dating my husband or we were newlyweds and I was carrying a heavy burden for someone I loved very much. Not a physical burden, but an emotional one. My husband said I should go speak to his minister and I did. I explained very tearfully what I was experiencing to him. He gently told me to lay it at the foot of the cross. Now if you were listening earlier, you will know that is not the answer I wanted.

I wanted him to turn to a page of his book, and tell me exactly what to do. I wanted a straight answer. I wanted a solution to the problem. I visualized myself laying this burden at the foot of the cross. I had never done that before and it really didn’t make any sense. I tried to leave it there, but instead I kept visiting the cross where I had thought I dropped off the problem, picking it up, picking it up, picking it up, trying to work it out in
my way with worry worry worry, maybe a little bit of prayer. You know how you physically clutch a problem close and never really let it go? If this speaks to any of you, whatever your burden is, leave it at the foot of the cross and don’t go back to it. It took me years as I replayed the tape in my head of he and I having this discussion about the burden, to realize that I needed to call out to God for help, not to others or myself, but the only One who could give me peace about this matter. You have to trust in God that He knows how you feel, that He knows exactly what you are feeling at that very moment. You take that burden, you say to God, “Take this from me, I release it to You, thank you, Lord.” It is a process, as humans we tend to worry, don’t we? My friend, Shannon, in 8th grade loved to talk about how faith can move mountains. We took it literally. We stared and stared with faith that God could move a mountain. We didn’t realize we were staring in futility. You probably all know this, but the mountain is your burden, your problems. God can move you over it, around it and through it.

The words of the prophet Isaiah say this: Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left.” 30: 21

During this slow surrender, God began to sharpen my spiritual senses. By this time, we had 2 children. At a certain time, I felt a real warning of danger from God, that something was going to happen. I took this feeling to the foot of the cross and handed it over to Him. There was a 2 week window between this and the accident.

During this time, I prayed about it that whatever was coming my way that God knew the outcome and was in control....I attended a special service called “Come To the Quiet” at our church, it was a 2 hour service of prayer, beautiful music and I can’t remember what else. I went by myself and was swept away into the loving arms of Jesus Christ. For the first time ever, I raised my hands in praise to the music. I had watched my grandmother do that her entire life, but I never knew why she did it. I secretly hoped that no one I knew saw me. The next day we went to Dauphin Island with our family and another couple. We were having boat problems. McGowin and his friend were able to get the boat to our wharf. My friend and I were in the house. Our 2 year old daughter went down to help them. I did not like her going down our steep stairs without me but I was putting the baby down for a nap. McGowin sent her back up and within a few minutes both men came in the house frantic and heading for the shower. McGowin had been severely burned when he was removing the radiator cap from the boat’s engine. His hand and arm looked like melted wax that dripped in large strings to the floor. I couldn’t even decipher the extent of the damage. ER rushed him to the hospital. Friends were only a moment away and took over our job as parents as I became the NURSE. McGowin suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his entire right hand, minor burns to his face, arm and neck. We spent a week in the burn unit at South. He was the worst patient I ever had. Both of our parents were out of town at the time so there was no relief from the grouchy patient. What I was thankful for that week, that God had removed my 2 yr old from the scene of the accident and prevented her from being burned. That McGowin had on a cap and wrap around style sunglasses that shielded his eyes and head from the scorching fluid. Friends and neighbors were right there on the scene to help us make quick decisions. I was thankful that He prepared me spiritually so that I could deal with this. It truly was the
best of a bad accident. McGowin healed in a miraculous way. Thank you God.

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